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Plenty of models featured in the clothes iron reviews are made safe and easy to use, releasing a sufficient quantity of steam to ease the creases and wrinkles out of linen and dry cotton. Even the more inexpensive models can get the job done quickly and can efficiently produce a lot of steam. With the vast number of products in this category, you need to be able to separate the best from the rest of the pack.



A conventional steam iron enables application of a small amount of steam to the fabric during ironing. Creases disappear faster, reducing the ironing time. Most new models of the conventional type can use tap water to produce steam, thanks to their resin filters or anti-calcium valves.

Steam ironing systems let you apply a constant flow of steam with high pressure. Although a steam ironing system takes up considerably more space than a conventional steam iron, its speed of steam production hastens the ironing process while removing wrinkles more easily. This type needs to be positioned on a chair or a rack at the end of the ironing board. Usually, steam ironing systems don’t feature a spray function, which can be ignored considering their ample steam function.

A cordless iron looks just like a conventional steam iron minus the power cable. This feature provides maneuverability, but most models have unimpressive performance, which makes them the least favorite among all steam irons.


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Safety and Performance Features

Most new top irons for 2017 have an auto shutoff feature, which turns the unit off when it is left motionless or inactive when left propped up, on its side or laid flat. A nonstick surface may be safe for the fabric, but most models on the market do not glide so easily on fabric.

A retractable cord keeps the power cable safely out of the way during use or for storage.

A self-cleaning system ensures consistent iron performance, as it flushes out mineral deposits from the vents.

A steam gauge allows adjustment of the quantity of steam, or can switch the steam feature off. The anti-drip feature, typically present in most models, is engineered to prevent leaks when steaming at lower settings.


Convenience Features

The burst-of-steam button provides an extra blast of steam that works on stubborn creases in clothes. With a fabric guide, plus a list of settings for common fabrics, you can easily see which level is appropriate for what type of fabric. The temperature control and fabric setting should be easy to see, clearly marked and also within reach of your fingers. Many models feature an indicator light to let you know the appliance is switched on.

A removable water reservoir is easy to fill up, effectively preventing water from dripping all over the iron when it is being refilled. With a transparent water tank, you can easily check if there’s a need to refill.

Some models feature a sliding or hinged cover on the water-fill hole, which is designed to prevent leaking. Make sure this feature really works, and it doesn’t get in the way during filling or isn’t difficult to open or close.



The soleplate should glide over the fabric easily. The best iron of 2017 has a soleplate of ceramic or stainless steel.

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Top rated models


Easing out the kinks and creases from garments and other types of fabrics can only be possible using the best irons 2017. Placing a pair of denims under your pillow overnight may work for you, but doing that to delicate garments is another matter. With the variety of products on the market, making a choice can be a challenge.



Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master


1.Rowenta DW8080The professional-grade Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master Steam Iron is equipped to deliver an awesome 1700 watts of steam ironing capability. The three-way automatic shut off ensures safety during use. The steam iron provides variable steam, cool mist spray, vertical steam and burst of steam options to accommodate any type of ironing for specific fabrics. This helps you do customized ironing to various garments with impressive results. The self-cleaning system along with the anti-drip and anti-calcification features offer easy maintenance. The highly polished stainless steel soleplate comes with a high-precision tip to ensure easy maneuverability and handling.

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Black & Decker D2030


2.Black & Decker D2030The Black & Decker D2030 Iron is built with a 1500-watt heating element that delivers pressing power to eliminate the creases in any garment. The mini-LCD monitor is easy to read to enable you to view the digital display temperature along with the fabric settings, for precise and customized ironing results. The stainless steel soleplate provides easy, stick-free gliding on any fabric when the right temperature is set for ironing. The iron provides variable steam control as well as vertical steaming and burst of steam for remarkable fabric care for any type of garment or material.

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Panasonic NI-E200T


3.Panasonic NI-E200TEquipped with an extraordinary “U-Shape”, the Panasonic NI-E200T Steam/Dry Iron ensures consistent steam circulation under its soleplate to deliver smoother ironing plus up to 25% more steam coverage compared to other models from this brand. The steam dry iron is built with a titanium non-stick soleplate that focuses the pressure at the center of the unit instead of the tip, ensuring less tugging and snagging as well as minimal wrinkling during the ironing process. The temperature-ready indicator light shows the current power setting while the dial temperature control lets you select the precise level for customized ironing results.

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Miele HM 16-80


4.Miele HM 16-80The open end design of the Miele HM 16-80 Rotary Iron enables you to iron items that need precision ironing results, making it ideal for suits, blouses and shirts that can be fitted over the open end without being folded. You can also work on very wide items including tablecloths and sheets with the open end design. Setting the temperature to the designed level is facilitated easily thanks to the aluminum heater plate. Adjust the roller speed to suit the type of material you are working on or according to your personal work speed.

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SteamFast SF-717 Mini


5.SteamFast SFThe SteamFast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron is perfect to bring along for trips that require you to have neat-looking get ups every time. This 420-watt mini steam iron eases the wrinkles out from almost any fabric. The 1 2.5-ounce water tank provides enough capacity to enable you to quickly complete your ironing tasks. The SteamSolFast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron also heats up in just fifteen seconds, enabling you to finish the ironing chore without wrecking your work schedule. The variable heat settings let you set the iron to the precise ironing level.

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